Julien Viaud known as ‘Pierre Loti’, a French naval officer and novelist who lived between 1850-1923, made his first visit to Istanbul at the age of 26.

He was so enchanted by the Ottoman culture and beauty of Istanbul, he became a regular visitor to the city. During his visits, he was staying at Eyüp district which is by the Golden Horn bay. He fell in love with an Ottoman lady and named one of his novels with her name, Aziyadé.

Loti has written another book, La Turquie Agonisante (Turkey in Agony) and has been regarded as a sympathiser of the Ottomans. He was welcomed by the Sultan Mehmet Reşat on one of his visits with an official ceremony.

Later in 1921, the new parliament sent him message of gratitude for his support of the Independence War and named an avenue and a coffee house on Eyüp hill with his name.

  • The hill with a beautiful panoramic view of the Golden Horn and the historical peninsula is still called as ‘Pierre Loti Hill’.