Right by the 15th century fortress which is standing there with all its glamour as a museum today is Rumeli Hisarı. The neighborhood taking its name from the fortress that was built two years prior to the conquest of the city by the Ottomans, is today’s popular spots for brunch!

During the weekend, approaching noon, cars line up trying to find parking on the narrow road that runs in front of the 15th century fortress. Cafes are lined up and almost all offer the traditional Turkish breakfast.

The table would be filled with white cheese (aka ‘feta’), tomatoes, cucumbers & green peppers covered with olive oil and dried mint, honey, ‘kaymak’ (creamy diary product which goes very well with honey), black and green olives always accompanied by tea. Many would also order ‘menemen’ which is a great combination of tomato, green pepper, onion and eggs.


Kale and Sade Kahve are famous places for weekend brunches, Kale has been a classic in terms of brunch at the area, it is simple and delicious.


Sade Kahve has would also provide coal under the table in the winter to keep you warm when you eat! Great reason to pick it!