This itinerary covers the highlights in the historical peninsula and lets the guests experience the most beautiful part of Istanbul: The Bosphorus.

On your first day, you will explore most of the highlights of the historical peninsula which are listed below:

Hagia Sophia: Biggest church of her time, Hagia Sophia is one of the must-see sights in Turkey. You will be mesmerized by her 56 meter high dome, beautiful Byzantine mosaics and Islamic calligraphy.

Blue Mosque: One of the icons of the city, this 17th century mosque became famous with her precious Iznik tiles. It is hard to believe that there are 22 thousand pieces of Iznik tiles in this mosque that has been active for 400 years.

Hippodrome: Social center of the city during the Roman and Byzantine times, this is where the famous chariot races took place.

Underground Cistern: This beautiful cistern was built to store water for Byzantines to use during emergencies.

Grand Bazaar: First shopping mall of the world, built in the 15th century, is today’s biggest covered bazaar of the world. istanbulites still flock here to shop on the weekends.

On your second day, you will explore the former residence and administrative quarters of the Ottoman Empire: Topkapı Palace.

Topkapı Palace: 15th century palace is composed of four courtyards and a comprehensive visit to this beautiful museum takes at least two hours. Thus, you will visit it on your second day.

Following your stroll through this beautiful palace with four courtyards and a rich treasury collection; you will go on a two hour private yacht tour on the Bosphorus where you will enjoy the city from the water while listening to your guide’s explanations about everything you see around you.

After this relaxing visit, you will explore the following picturesque local neighborhoods along the Bosphorus:

Arnavutkoy: Picturesque and cosy neighborhood along the Bosphorus with beautiful wooden 19th century houses.

Bebek: Residential and upper market neighborhood with various cafes and restaurants.