What to do if you have three days in Istanbul? This tour is the perfect blend of modern Istanbul with historical Istanbul and gives you with a great overview of the city in three days.

Your private professional tour guide and driver will pick you up from the hotel every morning and take you to different parts of town.

We recommend exploring the modern side of the city with panoramic views on the first day to orient yourself better. Finest way to orient yourself is to go on the private yacht tour along the Bosphorus. This is the most relaxing and informative way to learn about Istanbul. Your guide will tell you all about the city during this yacht tour as you take photographs of the beautiful monuments and houses along the Bosphorus.

Following the yacht tour, you will explore the modern face of the city where you will be walking around the most picturesque neighborhoods along the Bosphorus as well as the up-and-coming ones around Taksim Square & Galata neigbhorhoods.  You will have a chance to appreciate the antique stores around Çukurcuma, visit the first museum dedicated to a novel (Museum of Innocence) if you wish and wander among the designer stores of Galata neighborhood.

On the following two days, you will explore the wonder world of Sultanahmet (the historical peninsula) and visit the must-see monuments like Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Grand Bazaar. Apart from the most visited monuments in Sultanahmet, you will also get a chance to appreciate the most beautiful examples of Byzantine mosaics at Chora Museum.

The order of the itinerary will be customized based on your arrival date, special interests, needs and expectations, however a suggestion would be as follows:



Galata Tower: Finest panoramic view of the city

Galata Neighborhood: Historical neighborhood that has been gentrified with hip youngsters and designer stores

Taksim Square: So- called center of the city that is famous with the ”Statue of Independence”

Cukurcuma Neighborhood: Up and coming neighborhood with historical buildings & antique stores

Private yacht tour: Best way to start exploring Istanbul is from the water

Bebek Neighborhood: Upmarket, residential neighborhood by the Bosphorus

Arnavutkoy Neighborhood: Picturesque neighborhood with historical wooden houses and narrow streets

Ortakoy Neighborhood: Picturesque neighborhood with a monumental mosque by the water


Hippodrome: Former city center where the Byzantines had horse races and games

Blue Mosque: Famous 17th century mosque with beautiful blue Iznik tiles

Hagia Sophia: Once the biggest church in the world, Hagia Sophia has been the cathedral of the Byzantines, imperial mosque of the Ottomans and now is a museum

Underground Cistern: Biggest and best preserved underground cistern of the Byzantines where they stored water for emergencies

Grand Bazaar: First shopping mall of the world, built in the 15th century, the bazaar is the biggest covered one in the world. Here is where the locals buy gold and silver jewellery, rugs, leather goods and more.


Topkapı Palace: 15th century palace of the Ottomans. Seat of the council hall and house of the royal family

Spice Market: 17th century market place with spices, Turkish delight, dried fruits, herbal teas and more

New Mosque: 17th century mosque right by the Spice Market, has some of the best examples of Iznik tiles on her walls.

Rustempasa Mosque: Tiny 16th century mosque with beautiful Iznik tiles

Chora Museum: Finest Byzantine mosaics in the city from the 14th century