Here is an itinerary that covers must-see sights in Istanbul for those who have only one day in the city.

Determined as one of the four historic areas of Istanbul by UNESCO World Heritage Convention, Sultanahmet peninsula hosts the world famous Hagia Sophia, the biggest church of its time and 17th century Blue Mosque with its famous Iznik tiles.

This peninsula is where once both the Byzantines and the Ottomans ruled their empires from. After visiting these two important, historical religious buildings, you will see the remains of the Hippodrome which was the social center of the Byzantine capital Constantinople. You will complete the tour with a visit the Grand Bazaar which is the first shopping mall of the world, built in the 15th century. With 66 streets and 4000 shops, it is a small town on its own, waiting to be explored.

If you have only one day in the city, take this tour and don’t miss out on the iconic monuments that have embellished the silhouette of the city for centuries.